10 Hollywood Stars Who Aren’t Obama Cheerleaders

The media likes to pretend that you can’t be cool if you dislike Obama. Well, who is cooler than movie stars? Don’t answer that; its rhetorical. It just so happens there are a number of famous actors who aren’t completely enamored by the President. Here’s a list of 10.


1. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe isn’t impressed by Obama’s foreign policy.

2. Dean Cain

dean cain Former Superman has made his views about the President pretty clear with his multiple appearances on the hilarious conservative satire show: Red Eye. Here is just one example of him expressing concerns over how the Administration handled Benghazi.

 I think we’ve been looking weak, and the Benghazi scandal thing, for me, has been a horrible situation. I have too many friends who are Navy SEALs and too many friends who are vets…. It’s just horrific to me, and then to have an administration whitewash it – and that’s exactly what happened


3. David Boreanaz

Angel Our favorite hunk from Buffy, Angel and Bones was a little more direct with how he thought Obama should handle America’s foreign policy.

Oh, and by the way, his co-host Sarah Michelle Gellar is rumored to be a Republican, too.

Buffy & Angel

4. Jon Lovitz

Jon Lovitz

Lovitz originally identified as a Democrat, but has had a change of heart and a few choice words for the President:

This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is fucking bullshit.

5. Kelsey Grammer


Kelsey Grammer is an openly Republican actor and has backed conservative candidates in visible ways.

Republican Kelsey Grammer: Obama is Over by NewsLook

6. John Wayne


Okay, so maybe John Wayne is a stretch, he never lived to see Obama elected, but he was an American icon and an outspoken conservative. He had a lot to say about the kind of policies our current President supports:

We keep making laws to try to change human behavior but we can’t do it…You’re being conned into Keynesianism and socialism now but it isn’t going to stop the selfishness of human behavior.  It isn’t going to stop the greed.  If you take $20 and give a dollar to every son of a bitch in the room, you come back a year later one of the bastards will have most of the money.  It’s just human nature.

7. Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris is so awesome, he blogs Republican. Check out on of his most recent columns where he shares some thoughts on Obama:

Obama has climbed the ladder of political success by the typical dog-and-pony personality performance show, in which voters have mistaken his charisma, articulation and maybe even the color of his skin for his ability to lead a diverse nation and world.

8. Owen Wilson (and bonus: Vince Vaughn)

Wilson and Vaughn

Apparently Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn tried to crash a Young Republican event. Wilson got in but the organizers couldn’t believe Vaughn was a conservative (though apparently he was being sincere).

9. Angie Harmon


Angie Harmon not only speaks her mind about her political views, but smacks down people who belittle them:

If I have anything to say against Obama it’s not because I’m a racist, it’s because I don’t like what he’s doing as President and anybody should be able to feel that way, but what I find now is that if you say anything against him you’re called a racist

10. Lacey Chabert

Lacy Chabert


Lacey Chabert endorsed and donated to John McCain in his run about Barack Obama. And we think that’s so fetch.

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