10 Politicians Who We’re Glad Their Photos Weren’t Hacked

The celebrity photo-hacking scandal is still snagging headlines. Hackers who broke into the icloud leaked nude images of famous women all over the internet more than a month ago. This is has brought about questions of privacy, security and morality.


We’re not going to dive into any of those philosophical issues. Instead, we’re just going to be happy that no one wants to see pictures of naked politicians. Each of the politicians below were involved in a sex scandal and we’re just so happy no (new) naked photos of them are being posted on gaming forums. Honestly, this post is just to give you a little something extra to be thankful about today.


1) Anthony Wiener


If there are any photos we’ve haven’t see yet, after they were all posted online in 2011.


2) Mark Sanford


Governor of South Carolina who flew his plane to hang out with his mistress in South America. Told his wife he was hiking. Here he is with possible new fling: cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi?


3) Chris Lee

chris lee

The New York Republican who didn’t even bother concealing his identify when he send out “sexy” photos of himself flexing because he relied on his official congressional email for everything.


4) David Wu



Democrat Wu was caught in a tiger (tigger?) outfit and accused of inappropriate relations with an 18-year old girl, Wu might have the creepiest photos on his phone out anyone on this list.


5) Eric Massa

eric massa

Eric Massa, a Democrat from New York told Fox News: “not only did I grope [a staffer], I tickled him until he couldn’t breathe.”


6) Herman Cain


Herman Cain was running for President in the Republican primary until 2 women accused him of harassment.


7) John Edwards


The affair and child Edwards had with another woman didn’t help his attempts to run for President in 2008. (Though, seriously, he probably doesn’t have any pictures on his phone that don’t involve his hair.)


8) Newt Gingrich


Between wives and affairs, Gingrich has quite the reputation for a conservative white-haired guy.


9) Mark Foley


This creep from Florida sent sexual emails and IMs to underage male staffers.


10) Tim Mahoney


After Republican Foley resigned, he was replaced by Democrat Mahoney. He ran on the campaign promise “a world that is safer, more moral” but hired his mistress (then fired her and settled a sexual harassment suit) and had multiple affairs.



So today we want to thank internet hackers everywhere for not sharing pictures from any politicians, no one wants to see them naked anyhow.


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