A guy named Vermin Supreme is running for President, and he’s nuts


A while back, we reported on a guy running for President under the name Deez Nuts. His candidacy may not have gone anywhere, but there is one other novelty candidate worth watching, even if he too isn’t going anywhere politically. His name? Vermin Supreme, of course, and his satirization of the presidential race is sadly, a bit too close to what some actual candidates are saying.

Vermin Supreme is described by Jezebel’s Ellie Shechet as “a performance artist and political satirist who wears a boot as a hat and is running for president for the 7th time on his ‘pony economy’ platform.” Mr. Supreme has a website, a Facebook page, and even his own Twitter account. Besides wearing a boot on his head, Supreme carries around a giant toothbrush and has managed to rub shoulders with several Presidential candidates as they passed through his home state of New Hampshire, including Ted Cruz (as seen above).

Supreme has often satirized politics over the years, although the absurdity gap between him and our current batch of presidential candidates has closed quickly. He even takes credit for “paving the way” for Donald Trump’s outrageous candidacy. In his interview with Shechet, Supreme outlined his platform, pointing out what he thinks is the most important issue facing America today:

“Oh, obviously it’s the lack of ponies in America, that’s certainly something I’ve been addressing for a long time.”

What about the second-most important issue?

“That would be the lack of mandatory toothbrushing laws in America today, for you and your children’s protection and safety.”


“The lack of proper zombie apocalypse awareness and contingency plans, there’s been some starts but I think I could do a lot better on it. And, of course, I’m going to harness the awesome power of zombies to create energy utilizing the latest in giant hamster-wheel technology.”

Since Supreme is a New Hampshire resident, he’s only running in that state, so his candidacy is all but over. He can take pride in one result of the New Hampshire primary.

Vermin Supreme received more votes than Republican Jim Gilmore.


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