ABC News mocks Carly Fiorina’s college degree


ABC News issued a not-so-subtle slam against GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina Monday, seemingly mocking her for having a college degree in history.

In an article entitled “Carly Fiorina Says Medieval History Degree Will Help Her Defeat ISIS,” reporter Jordyn Phelps (who is also a woman) tries to lend validity to criticisms that Fiorina is unqualified to be President. Those attacks usually target her business record, but this new focus on her college degree is unprecedented, as no other candidate has had their education questioned.

For most individuals, having a history degree, particularly a degree in a specialized period like medieval history, would be respected by most people. However, by making this a headline story, ABC News is inferring that Fiorina is stretching to find some authority on the ISIS issue, even to the point of saying her degree “has had little real-world application.”

Make no mistake – this is not merely reporting here, because the statement itself is not news. What should have been a comment of little importance is being offered up as a talking point by ABC. Why? Because we are meant to question the logic of the statement. The article states:

For over three decades, Carly Fiorina’s bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in medieval history and philosophy has had little real-world application.

But as she mounts a presidential bid, the Republican candidate says her degree is finally of use as she considers how she would deal with ISIS as commander-in-chief.

Pressed to explain how her bachelor’s degree in medieval history will help her in dealing with ISIS, Fiorina listed off a number of brutal techniques that ISIS is using that were common in medieval times and said it is not an exaggeration to say that the group is operating under a mentality based in the Middle Ages.

In no other circumstance has a candidate’s college degree been an issue. Most are political science majors or have law degrees. Even so, it could be easily argued that a candidate with a history degree is perhaps better suited to understand the gravity and ramifications of being the President. So why is ABC making it an issue? It would seem it boils down to the “R” after Fiorina’s name.

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