Admitted molester, Clinton supporter Lena Dunham blasts Bill Cosby over rape arrest


Actress and media darling Lena Dunham has waded into the cesspool surrounding Bill Cosby, criticizing him on Twitter for his recent arrest for sexual assault. While Cosby certainly deserves to be vilified for what he’s admitted to already, Dunham’s hypocrisy on the issue is difficult to overlook.

First, let’s look at what Dunham said:



While Dunham’s tweets about Cosby were limited to two, she spends a good amount of her time on Twitter proclaiming her undying support for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President, without the slightest hint of irony. While the accusations against Cosby get her all riled up, she seems to have no problem with Bill Clinton, who, as we have reported, has an equally disturbing record of sexual misdeeds. Even worse, Hillary herself has defended Bill’s actions and participated personally in attacking his accusers, waging her own war on women that have been victimized by her husband.

It should also be noted that, in her book Not That Kind of Girl, Dunham herself has admitted (when she was young) to molesting her little sister by putting pebbles in her vagina, a practice that she said went unchallenged and uncorrected by her liberal parents. She also admits to using “sexual predator” tactics as a child to get her sister to kiss her, including offering chocolates. Dunham later apologized for making light of the incidents.

While Dunham is outraged at rape accusations hurled at Cosby, she herself has been caught apparently fabricating a rape accusation in her book. She claimed a well-known conservative Republican at her college once raped her. However, that claim collapsed when reporters started investigating and found no proof that the person she described in her book ever existed or attended her college. A former student who shared some similarities (including the first name) with the person she described sued, claiming people assumed he was the accused rapist. Dunham had to admit he was not the person, and her book publisher paid his legal fees and changed the passage in her book telling the rape story.

Once again, Dunham demonstrates that liberal outrage is selective, focused only on those who fit their preferred narrative. That means Bill Clinton gets a free pass, but Bill Cosby doesn’t stand a chance.

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