Adryana Boyne: Donald Trump losing support from conservatives, all of America


Even while he still rests near the top of GOP Presidential polls, Donald Trump has seen his support among conservative leaders dwindle. I’m not talking about the entrenched establishment in Washington, but the independent voices who carry a lot of influence and weight within the conservative right and the Tea Party. Twitchy’s Michelle Malkin has long been a critic of Trump, dating back to a 2013 feud when she exposed his liberal stance on a number of issues. Pamela Geller is a hero on the right because of her stand against Islam (and the subsequent shooting at her event in Garland, TX), but she has been highly critical of Trump for his soft stance against Islam and hypocrisy on free speech.

Texas conservative activist Adyana Boyne isn’t buying what Trump is selling either. In her newest column for, entitled “It Does Not Matter What The Polls Say: Most Americans Don’t Like What Donald Trump Is Saying,” Boyne says revelations about Trump’s behavior and comments prove he is wrong for the GOP and America. Among her comments in the column:

As the days pass, Mr. Trump continues saying the most inflammatory words we have ever heard coming from a presidential candidate. It does not matter what the polls say for the Republican primary. Most Americans don’t like what Donald Trump is saying.

The latest? The revelations of his past remarks to a lactating mother.

Do you want, as president, a man who speaks with harsh rhetoric on issues that he does not understand and is not interested in understanding, who has flip flopped over issues like gun control, abortion, healthcare, taxation, etc.? Do you want a man who has said he will not apologize to anyone after using harsh rhetoric, that he will not ask forgiveness, not even from God – as he said to Dr. Frank Luntz? At a later, longer interview with Anderson Cooper, he said, “Why do I have to repent? Why do I have to ask for forgiveness if I’m not making mistakes?”

Donald Trump’s shocking remarks and reaction to women pumping breast milk to feed their babies, the awful remarks to men and women who have been captured as prisoners of war and who served and fight for our freedom, the hateful remarks made to Mexican immigrants who have come to America, the remarks to every American who believes that people need respect, decency and honor, among many other hateful comments, are not the remarks needed coming from the mouth of the leader of the most powerful and exceptional country in the world.

You can read her entire column at by clicking right here.

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