Anarchist mob turns on fellow anti-capitalist Russell Brand

russellbrandRussell Brand’s political rants have been feeding the fervor of left-wing radicals in Britain for years. This weekend, his followers turned on him for not being radical enough.

The comedian, left-wing activist, and radical anti-capitalist thought he would find sympathetic ears when he attended an anti-austerity protest in London this past weekend. After all, they were his people: liberals, socialists, and amateur anarchists upset that the British government is considering cutting entitlements and spending in an effort to keep their economy afloat.

Instead, the resentful mob turned on Brand when he tried to give a speech to protesters, because they felt he wasn’t in line with their political views. One woman screamed that he was an “upper class maniac,” while others berated him for backing a Labor party candidate who supported austerity. The Daily Mail provides more details:

As he waited backstage a group just feet away began hurling abuse at him, demanding that he be blocked from going on stage.

One woman screamed: ‘F*** you Russell. I hate you. He should not be on the stage here. Ask how much he has been paid to be here. You have no place here, you’re disgusting’.

A friend then yelled: ‘You’re a turncoat, Brand. Sell me a book on revolution and then tell us to vote Labour. F*** off back to Miliband you t***’.

After taking quite a bit of abuse, Brand was seen running to the safety of a waiting car. Isn’t it nice to see Brand getting his just desserts from the very people that once considered him a role model?

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