Ann Coulter ‘F—ing Jews’ tweet causes outrage

coulterisraeltweet3With a handful of tweets Wednesday night, Ann Coulter may have single-handedly kicked herself out of the conservative movement. The author and commentator raised the ire of many, and is being accused of anti-Semitism, after criticizing several Republican candidates during the Presidential debate for their support of Israel.

Coulter took to Twitter Wednesday night (September 16) as the top 11 candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination participated in the CNN Presidential Debate at the Ronald Reagan Library. Live-tweeting as the debate unfolded, Coulter managed to unload criticism on every candidate throughout the night, except for Donald Trump, whom she has supported vocally in recent weeks.

Coulter initially seemed annoyed when several candidates mentioned their support of Israel should they become President, tweeting this:


Coulter then made her feelings on Israel (and Jews) clear with her next tweet:


Coulter’s ranting tweets caught many by surprise, with some wondering if she had been hacked. However, Coulter doubled down in later tweets, complaining that the candidates were pandering to Israel, Jews, and Evangelicals. When someone called her tweet about Jews offensive, she joked that she had much more offensive ones. She defended her comments to a number of Twitter users who called the tweet offensive.

Her tweet also unleashed several anti-Semitic responses in support of her anti-Israel stance, including one tweet that included a drawing of someone wearing a Star of David defecating into Uncle Sam’s mouth, which is too graphic to include here.

Coulter also complained that the Republicans were pandering to the pro-life crowd, accused the candidates (except Trump) of wanting to bring terrorists to America as refugees, made fun of Chris Christie’s weight and Rand Paul’s hair, and called Carly Fiorina “annoying.” Only Trump escaped her vitriol.

Source: Ann Coulter Twitter account

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