Another day, another Democrat voting fraud scandal

Vote-CountsHere is another inconvenient truth for those who say Voter ID laws are unnecessary because voter misconduct rarely happens: a Democratic official in Texas has admitted to voter fraud, in a case that Texas lawmakers cited when they passed the Voter ID law in 2012. Hazel Brionne Woodard, a Democratic precinct chair candidate in Fort Worth, Texas pled guilty to voting fraud Friday.

Woodward had to plead guilty twice, as her initial plea last Tuesday was interrupted when she had an undetermined “medical emergency” and collapsed in the courtroom. She did, however, manage to tell paramedics that she wasn’t guilty. That’s convenient.

Anyway, the judge dragged her back into the courtroom Friday, where she finally fessed up. Here are more details from The Fort Worth Star Telegram:

Woodard, a 2011 Democratic precinct chair candidate, had admitted to having her son vote on behalf of his father on June 18, 2011. Voter fraud allegations arose after the boy’s father showed up to cast his own ballot later that same day.

Woodward was sentenced to two years of deferred adjudication probation on her initial plea, but Judge Ruben Gonzales did not make it official because of her medical issues.

Woodard was back in the courtroom Friday, when Gonzales gave her an opportunity to withdraw her guilty plea and have a jury trial, saying he had a “strong concern” that she did not admit to her crime.

Woodard then readmitted her guilt and took the probation offer.

“There is no doubt that after today that you admit to this crime,” Gonzales said Friday.

Obama administration officials are fighting the constitutionality of the Texas Voter ID law in court.

H/T: The Fort Worth Star Telegram

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