Another good guy with a gun kills another bad guy with a gun

nraA would-be thief thought it would be a great idea to rob customers as they left a Benihana’s restaurant in Dallas. Instead of cash and credit cards, the thief got a bullet and a one-way ticket to the morgue.

Welcome to Texas, y’all.

According to a report by ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas, the robber staked out a Benihana’s parking lot in Dallas Sunday night, waiting for a customer to leave. The WFAA report provides more details:

A man reportedly approached two customers in the parking lot and asked them for a light before pulling a mask over his face and pulling out a gun.

Police say one of the patrons, believing he was about to be robbed, got his gun out of his car.

He and the suspect then started shooting at each other. Both were shot.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital where he died. His name has not been released.

Although he was shot also, the intended victim is expected to survive. A grand jury will review the incident.

This could have been just another statistic; just another victim of violence that gets no attention from gun control advocates. This, however, isn’t Chicago or Detroit. It’s Dallas, where people don’t like being just another statistic.



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