Ariana Grande ‘I hate America’ comment sparks blacklash

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Here we go again: another spoiled millionaire hates America.

This time, it’s bite-sized singer Ariana Grande, who was caught on tape saying “I hate Americans. I hate America,” while in a donut shop. The video of the incident (posted below) was published on Tuesday by gossip site, who initially seemed more concerned that Grande was licking the donuts meant to be sold to unsuspecting customers (which, admittedly, is pretty gross). She also dropped an F-bomb over seeing a rack of large donuts, as if she were disgusted with them.

Once readers watched the video and heard what she actually said about America, the backlash was pretty severe. Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton called her out, tweeting “Unlike @ArianaGrande, I love America and Americans.” Markeece Young scored a nice smackdown, tweeting “We know you hated America by your Hillary endorsement.”

Grande finally got around to apologizing on Wednesday, saying she “extremely proud to be an American” and said, as an advocate for healthy eating, did not mean to be critical or fat shame anyone over her donuts comments. She did not mention her licking other people’s donuts.

Late Wednesday, it was announced that Grande had pulled out of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game concert, and was replaced by Demi Lovato. Grande claims the cancellation was not tied to the incident, but to emergency oral surgery (riiiiiight). Let’s hope this marks the end of this spoiled brat’s 15 minutes. Here’s the TMZ video of the incident:

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  • Ellen Gering Anderson

    She should be required to by every doughnut in the shop. What she did is a severe health code violation, as well as being completely disgusting.

  • Irish78623

    The whole “I hate America” what was her point? Seems like it was a little girl move probably because she thought it made her look good to the guy she was with. As for the donut thing that was totally disgusting totally agree with Ellen she should have to pay for all of them. If she thinks they are disgusting why is she in there to begin with?

  • Ruth Nelson

    Sometimes it’s just too late for an apology, and this is one of those times. You don’t like Americans, you don’t like America, but you LOVE our money, don’t you? Just get out. Go. Don’t let the flag hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Barbara Floyd Letourneau

    I agree, Ruth Nelson.

  • Eva Gibson

    good by and karma a bitch you asked you received and you deal with it saying you hate America you are gross and nasty no one whats to eat after you and your body holds germs we don’t know where you been and we don’t care but most people by the time their your age has manners and putting there mouth on something they have not payed for but i guess you have no breeding are manners either

  • Erik Moon

    Her actions speak louder than her words of apology.