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Craig Arps is a 26 year old, Classical Liberal(Conservative) activist and born-again Christian from Northern Arizona, where he lives with his wife and daughter. Approaching politics from an outside perspective as a concerned citizen, he has become actively involved in local politics as a campaign helper, candidate, blogger, and general annoyance to the political establishment in both parties.

Millennials Aren’t Buying Into Liberal’s ‘Utopian Dream’

Every election we are treated to the almost obligatory articles decrying the lack of voter enthusiasm in America’s youth. Liberals in the media are distraught about this because they assume that they own the youth vote. This is especially apparent whenever the mid-term elections roll around. Without the celebrity and excitement of a Presidential Election, the left simply lacks the ... Read More »

Baby Killer Wendy Davis Is Selling Onesies

What We Can Learn From Wendy Davis’ Failure The Wendy Davis campaign is selling baby onesies. You read that right. Just in time for Halloween, you can get that special fan of baby murder in your life an empty onesie sporting a Wendy Davis logo. It’s been an awful ride for the Texas Democrats, to be sure, but you have ... Read More »

A Conservative Dad’s Message To His Daughter

Craig Arps I was recently blessed to have become a father. My wife gave birth to our first child, a wonderful little girl we named Robyn. If you’ve been there, you know what it’s like. The mixture of feelings is unlike any other. I am now tasked with the enormous responsibility of raising this child into responsible adulthood. While I’ve ... Read More »