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Katrina Jorgensen is a devoted advocate for Millennial issues with deep concerns over the direction of America's foreign policy. She seeks to promote political education and empowerment for her generation. You can find her on Twitter @Veribatim. With her focus on Eurasia, Katrina acts as Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Young Republican National Federation, part of their International Committee. She is a writer and communication specialist in her day job. She regularly contributes to conservative blogs such as Red Alert and IJReview. She has worked as freelance journalist for think tanks, major media outlets and print newspapers. For 6 years, she ran her own web design and consulting company in Texas. Her true passion is non-profits. Katrina has worked for and advised multiple international NGOs. She volunteers her time and provides marketing advice to local charities and other not-for profit-organizations. Katrina also loves reading wonky foreign policy blogs, instgramming her cooking experiments, losing herself in a fiction novel, and exploring new places with her husband, Kai.

#GivingTuesday & the ‘Me Second’ Generation

We have entered the season of #GivingTuesday. Thanksgiving, a holiday meant to remind us to be thankful, is over and we are now officially in the Christmas countdown. Much like the over-commercialization of December, Millennials often find themselves unfairly categorized this time of year. Let’s not forget, despite all the deals and discounts during #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, many of those purchases ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Traditions Millennials Are Thankful For

Based on a non-scientific survey of Millennials (aka, asking people I know in real life or on Facebook/Twitter), here are 10 modern–and old school–traditions that Generation Y was particularly thankful for yesterday.   1) Friendsgiving While lots of Millennials still go home for the holidays, spending time with blood relatives isn’t the most important thing on Thanksgiving to this generation. ... Read More »

7 Ways House of Cards Has Changed the World

Netflix’s version of House of Cards has gained a dedicated international following. (If you are fan and you haven’t seen the original British version, go watch it right now!) Maybe it’s just how Kevin Spacey breaks the fourth wall, or the fact that we get to see the glorious Robin Wright back in action, or maybe we all like a ... Read More »

Patriotic Cat Break

Between international conflict, elections and seasonal allergies, its been a pretty busy time for most of our readers. Which is why today’s post is just for laughs. The only policy up for debate is how to handle the cuteness in the follow ten pictures of patriotic cats. Enjoy your weekend, America!       Read More »

Marriage: A Luxury Millennials Can’t Afford

  It’s true, many Millennials are choosing to postpone marriage in the current age. Despite what many moralist Baby-Boomers like to say, many of their reasons come not from a change in generational ideals but because of changes in the economy. In fact, many millennial’s put off basic things like home-ownership and having children specifically because of their economic situation. This ... Read More »

Young Republicans Deploy for Louisiana Run-Offs

    Many Republicans are still celebrating their overwhelming midterm victory from the beginning of November. But not every seat has been decided. In Louisiana, the senate race and two house seats turned into run-offs to be be decided next month. Run-off elections face more than just an opposition candidate, they battle against voter fatigue and holiday schedules. To help ... Read More »

Best Tweets from the 2014 Midterms

Tuesday night was full of emotions, and if you were hanging out on social media during the election you got to experience the full array of them. Here are some of our favorite tweets, Facebook posts and other social media updates from the election: the good, the bad, and the so-ugly-you-probably-didn’t-have-a-job-Wednesday. Joy and despair, taunts and mega meltdowns… PIE is ... Read More »

Oil and the Vote

 How Gas Prices, the Value of the Dollar and Midterm Elections are Related     When you drive over to the polling place today, be sure to fill up your tank on the way home. Because if you didn’t notice, gas prices are pretty low. But after years of rising costs why is oil suddenly so cheap? Prices are down, ... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Patriotic Election Day

My good friend  and  editor of America’s Future Foundation’s blog, Alyssa Canobbio recently posted a succinct and timely Facebook update, reminding her friends of voting etiquette. This piece is built off of her short update, because sometimes we all need a little refresher on what to do and not do in the polling booth. So here are your Do’s and Don’ts so ... Read More »

Worst Ads from 2014 Midterms

Its that time of the season, when every other television ad is a vicious personal attack from your local politician topped off with the obligatory “I approve this message”. We have picked a handful of the weirdest and worst ads of the last campaign seasons for your viewing pleasure. 1) Totally Inappropriate: This ad incorporated images of James Foley’s executioner ... Read More »