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Madeline is a staunch pro liberty writer who attends the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She's 18 years old and already very involved in local campaigns and activities on and off campus. She will be contributing to the Facebook page and writing articles for PIE on a regular basis.

Hipsters Are A Stain On The Reputation Of Millennials

I Hate Hipsters   By: Madeline Deneen   Today, I encountered an interesting creature in this unbearably humid, sweat-inducing 88°F heat. My eyes had difficulty adjusting to the sundry materials, patterns and colors it was cloaked in. I shielded my eyes in avoidance of a seizure from the overstimulation. It was a living, breathing optical illusion. Absolutely every inch of ... Read More »

Do You Eat Pie?

By: Madeline Deneen   WHAT IS PIE??? NO NOT THIS PIE! Political Illusions Exposed, AKA PIE, has mass appeal (because who doesn’t like pie?), but we’re especially keeping millennials in mind. Our goal is to tap in to that generation because really…who gives a crap about you millennials? The younger generation has always been written off as liberal, but I ... Read More »

The Leftization of a College Coed

I’m sure the liberal bias poisoning college campuses everywhere has Socrates rolling in his grave… By: Madeline Deneen It’s that time of year again! Students, including myself, are returning to campuses crawling with professors eager to indoctrinate them. Yes, indoctrinate you.   I speak from experience…       I personally have had a few sour experiences, but most notably ... Read More »

Liberal Jackassery

Liberal Jackassery ( part 1 )  By: Madeline Deneen Before the lib bashing begins, I have to hand it to them, they may be stupid, but at least they know what they are. Jackasses. They know it and they embrace it. Out of all the amazing creatures to select from the animal kingdom, they so fittingly chose the ass to ... Read More »

How Many Liberals Does It Take To Screw UP A Light Bulb?

How many liberals does it take to screw UP a light bulb? by Madeline Deneen The federal government’s light bulb mandate threatens our environment, health, and freedom… The latest nanny state ban will absolutely impact each and every one of you…and not in a good way. The federal government’s prohibition on the production of incandescent light bulbs is now taking ... Read More »

Illinois: Obama’s Utopia, MY PRISON

Obama’s Utopia by Madeline Deneen Earlier this year Gallup polled the nation with the intent of discovering which state is the best to live in and which state is the worst…the findings will absolutely not shock you. To state the obvious, Gallup found that Illinois, the known birthplace of Obama “the politician,” (can’t speak for Obama “the man”) is the ... Read More »