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Mason Stefancic is a 17 year old high school student from the Denver/metro area in Colorado. A senior in high school, he is looking to study political science and business. He enjoys photography and cooking and is a big news junkie. Follow him on twitter @GGGG_mason, or catch up with him through his blog, He can be reached by email,

RNC suspends ties with NBC

I am sure you all watched the GOP presidential debate on Wednesday, and the abhorrent job done by the moderators, who worked for CNBC. It was absolutely incredible how badly the moderators were. And I thought CNN was bad! Anyways, the candidates, as well as most of the people who watched the debate, were disgusted also. But the one that ... Read More »

HuffPo Refuses Donald Trump’s Credibility

Donald Trump knows how to make his move. The Huffington Post, a liberal online “blog,” according to Trump, has discontinued running stories about his campaign as a political stories. Instead, the blog has chosen to run them as entertainment pieces. Not many people like the scathing, truthful way of telling it like it is that Trump is so famous for, ... Read More »