Bait & Switch: Obama birthday card was just a fundraising tactic


No, we didn’t Photoshop this. Organizing for Action actually put that hat on the President themselves.

If you’re on the mailing list for Organizing for Action (OFA), you likely received several requests recently to sign a digital birthday card for President Obama’s 54th birthday yesterday. First Lady Michelle Obama and celebrities Kerry Washington and Kal Penn each sent out separate email requests pleading with you to sign the online card and wish the President a happy birthday. However, like most things liberals offer, what looked like something with good intentions had an ulterior motive. In this case, the birthday card was just a ruse to ask for a donation to Organizing for America.

The image above – which was really what Organizing for America posted on their website, hat and all – was what supporters saw if they clicked the link provided in the email to sign the card. Once you entered your email to “sign” the card, you were directed to the page shown below, which was what OFA was really after: your money.

OFA's pitch: If you love Obama, you'll give him money.

OFA’s pitch: If you love Obama, you’ll give him money.

The bottom line: Wishing someone a happy birthday isn’t enough, apparently. You show your love with money. At least President Obama and OFA have made it clear where their priorities are.

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