Best Tweets from the 2014 Midterms

Tuesday night was full of emotions, and if you were hanging out on social media during the election you got to experience the full array of them. Here are some of our favorite tweets, Facebook posts and other social media updates from the election: the good, the bad, and the so-ugly-you-probably-didn’t-have-a-job-Wednesday. Joy and despair, taunts and mega meltdowns… PIE is bringing you THE BEST of the Midterms online.





Jack, totally beside himself with joy.



Hard-coded winning.




It was a hard day to be Chris Matthews.

‘I have officially lost it'  Battleground Texas organizer for Wendy Davis totally melts down on Twitter      Twitchy

Battleground Texas organizer for Wendy Davis goes full melt down. Read the rest of her deleted tweets here:


Posts from the Democratic Underground full of angst. See more here:

Posts from the Democratic Underground full of angst. See more here:



Obviously, it is the end of suffrage.


No lunacy at all, not until 2014.


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