‘Black Lives Matter’ activists vandalize pro-police truck

A truck with the note "Police Lives Matter" is vandalized. Photo: Fox 7 Austin

Some “Black Lives Matter” activists hate cops so much, they are even attacking white pickup trucks that support aw enforcement.

According to Fox 7 in Austin, 18-year-old Jason Lattin of Austin, Texas has always wanted to be a police officer. To show his support for law enforcement, he put the words “Police Lives Matter” on the back window of his pickup truck.

This past week, someone broke into his truck, stole a laptop and a scanner, slashed his seats, and ripped out his glove box, causing about $5,000 in damage. Worse yet, they spray-painted the words “Black Lives Matter” on the side of his truck. Jason’s father is a disabled veteran and says the truck is the only vehicle they have.

The incident has caused an outcry from the community and an outpouring of support for Jason and the “Police Lives Matter” movement. However, there isn’t much sympathy for Lattin coming from Nelson Linder of the Austin NAACP. Linder says the signs with the phrase “Police Lives Matter” is seen as “confrontational” to many people.

“I don’t see any evidence of people targeting the police.  It’s a tough time in this country.  These issues need to be addressed in an honest way, a respectful way.  But to try to compare the two, to me is very problematic and there are folks out there who will see that as a threat and they’ll act inappropriately.  I’m worried about that aspect of it,” Linder said.

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  • melanie faulkner

    They left are a bunch whinney sniffling little piss ants that somebody in the government needs to get a grip on! I do not give a damn what you stand for, you have no right to damage and or assault people and their property! My God what is wrong with kids today!