Black teacher attacks handicapped student over his ‘white privilege’


Don’t you hate uppity white kids in their wheelchairs, rolling around and throwing their ‘white privilege’ in black people’s faces? Apparently, Pamela Bullock does. Now, she’s out of a job because of it.

According to a report by, Bullock resigned her teaching position at Wayne Local Schools in Warren County, Ohio, after her treatment of some handicapped students was exposed. In a letter sent to school administrators, four teaching assistants revealed that Bullock became angry with a wheelchair-bound, white student who is not able to speak.

In a fit of rage, Bullock threw a marker at the child, hitting him in the head. Later, Bullock reportedly had to apply a band-aid to the child, then remarking “Anything else, your highness? … My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.” Bullock’s official job title is “intervention specialist.” Seriously. She also seems to be a specialist in personal victimization and white privilege, based on her treatment of such a vulnerable white child.

Perhaps even more infuriating than Bullock’s obvious animosity towards white children is the fact that the incident reportedly took place in May of 2014. Even though the teacher’s assistants complained immediately, it took nearly a year before an investigation was finished and Bullock was forced to resign or face being fired. It seems teacher’s unions and complacent school officials prefer to protect teachers over students. Two of Bullock’s supervisors, elementary school principal Jean Hartman and special education coordinator Amanda Johnson, also lost their jobs for knowing of Bullock’s actions and doing nothing.

There has been no announcement of any charges being filed against Bullock for her mistreatment of the child.


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