Black thugs mark MLK Day by robbing a Chanel store


Martin Luther King Jr. Day gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and reflect on just how far America has come in regards to race relations. It is also a day to recognize those who, like Dr. King, sacrificed much to bridge America’s racial divide.

And then we have the idiots pictured above, who used MLK Day to act like thugs and make a mockery out of Dr. King’s legacy by stealing thousands of dollars worth of Chanel purses. Apparently, instead of measuring the content of their character, they preferred to measure the contents of a high-end boutique.

According to a report by, five adults and two juveniles robbed the Chanel Boutique in the affluent Dallas suburb of Highland Park early Monday morning by driving a van through the front window of the store. They then grabbed 45 handbags worth at least $2,000 each, with some worth as much as $15,000.

The gang then made the dumbest mistake of all. Instead of making a run for home, the gang tried to hide out in the surrounding neighborhood, in arguably the WHITEST SUBURB IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It didn’t take long before police found them, but not before they ditched the purses, which were found littering the sides of the road along their escape route. One of the criminal masterminds, who tried to escape on foot, pretended to be a homeless person in an effort to elude police. That plan didn’t work very well in a neighborhood populated by millionaires.

Because of the value of the stolen merchandise and the damage to the store, the alleged thieves could face anywhere from five years to life in prison, where the “I’m in prison for stealing Chanel purses” story will go over well with inmates looking for new girlfriends.

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