Blasphemous show ‘Black Jesus’ is back: Here are the advertisers

blackjesusAdult Swim has brought back their controversial comedy “Black Jesus” in reruns, in preparation for the show’s new season coming this fall. With it, a slew of new advertisers have signed on, unconcerned that they are supporting a show that features a Jesus living in the ‘hood (a.k.a. Compton, California) that drops F-bombs, smokes weed, and steals. The show also features incredibly negative stereotypes of the black community. Adult Swim is the late night programming block of Cartoon Network, a channel geared for kids during the day.

The American Family Association led the charge against Black Jesus’ advertisers last year, and was successful with getting several sponsors to pull their support. The show has been renewed for a second season, but had been off the air until last week. It is expected to return with new episodes later this fall, but a premiere date has not been announced.

Here are the advertisers that aired commercials during the August 31, 2015 airing of Black Jesus, as well as links to contact them via social media:

Applebee’s Restaurants Click here to leave feedback on the Applebee’s Facebook page.

Dick’s Sporting Goods  Click here to leave feedback on the Dick’s Sporting Goods Facebook page.

Experian Click here to leave feedback on the Experian Facebook page.

Fox Television (promoting “The Grinder”) Click here to leave feedback on Fox Television’s Facebook page.

Ice Breakers Cool Blasts Click here to leave feedback on Ice Breaker’s Facebook page.

Progressive Insurance Click here to leave feedback on Progressive’s Facebook page.

Twentieth Century Fox (promoting Hitman: Agent 47, Fantastic Four) Click here to leave feedback on the Fox Facebook page.

Universal Pictures (promoting Straight Outta Compton) Click here to leave feedback on Universal’s Facebook page.

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