Can’t afford Hillary’s speaking fee? Chelsea’s a cheap date!

chelseaclintonA new report out today highlights the incredible money-making machine the Clintons created for themselves in recent years. According to a report in the Washington Post this morning by Philip Rucker and Rosalind Helderman, the University of Missouri was hoping to snag Hillary Clinton as a speaker at the grand opening of their Women’s Hall of Fame. However, they found her speaking fee – $275,000 – too steep. So, they went for a much cheaper option: Chelsea Clinton, who only charged $65,000. For an hour’s worth of work.

Chelsea has quickly become the generic brand option for Clinton lovers who can’t afford the high cost of Hillary and Bill. The former first daughter has made a number of appearances on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, and at only 1/4 of the cost, Chelsea’s cost seems reasonable. However, she still charges more for an appearance than women who have actually accomplished something with their lives, including feminist icon Gloria Steinem, who charges a measly $30,000 (and reportedly, a Taco Bell value meal) for a speaking appearance. Chelsea had previously served as an NBC correspondent, making $600,000 a year.

The Washington Post provides more details:

The university paid $65,000 for Chelsea Clinton’s brief appearance Feb. 24, 2014, a demonstration of the celebrity appeal and marketability that the former and possibly second-time first daughter employs on behalf of her mother’s presidential campaign and family’s global charitable empire.

More than 500 pages of e-mails, contracts and other internal documents obtained by The Washington Post from the university under Missouri public record laws detail the school’s long courtship of the Clintons.

They also show the meticulous efforts by Chelsea Clinton’s image-makers to exert tight control over the visit, ranging from close editing of marketing materials and the introductory remarks of a high school student to limits on the amount of time she spent on campus.

The schedule she negotiated called for her to speak for 10 minutes, participate in a 20-minute, moderated question-and-answer session and spend a half-hour posing for pictures with VIPs offstage.

Check that last sentence again. Chelsea spent a grand total of ONE HOUR actually working for that $65,000, more than most folks make in a year. And yet, the Clintons are supposed to be relatable to the little guy.

Remember, this fee was paid by a public university, not a Fortune 500 company, and it all went into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, so she can claim the fee was not actual income. Even so, there was no apparent speaking fee discount offered to the university for being an educational institution, and doing things the Clintons claim to support, like making better Americans and improving the country through the advancement of knowledge.

H/T: Washington Post


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  • Paul Dawson

    I highly doubt anything the Clinton family could ramble on about for 10 minutes is worth more than a Taco Bell value meal. That kind of money could go to lowering the tuition of students, hiring another professor, or something actually useful related to education. If anything all everyone heard was the rewriting of history and other liberal clap-trap.