Carrie Fisher defends ‘Lord’s Prayer’ theater ad, tells opponents ‘get a life’


Dear atheists and Jesus haters: Princess Leia finds your lack of faith disturbing.

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher is not a Christian, or a woman of any faith, but when the UK Daily Mail informed her that a 60-second advertisement by the Church of England that recites the Lord’s Prayer was banned from British cinemas because some thought the content was offensive, she defended the church. The advertisement had a “power of prayer” theme, and was to be shown before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens December 18. Fisher pointed out that theaters should operate like hotel rooms, where Bibles are often allowed. The Daily Mail reports:

The Mail on Sunday revealed last week how Digital Cinema Media – which supplies advertising to the vast majority of British cinemas – had blocked the one-minute film because it feared the advert could offend moviegoers.

But Ms Fisher responded “I have no idea why they would do that. Offended?  No. People should get a life. I don’t think it is offensive to have a ‘power of prayer’ advert before Star Wars. I have never seen an advertisement like this, but if the theatre is like a hotel room, then they have every right to put up a ‘power of prayer’ advert.”

Here is the advertisement in question:


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