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PETA goes ape over Dez Bryant’s monkey

The Center for Medical Progress may have just released another undercover video detailing the horrific harvesting of baby heads during abortions by Planned Parenthood, but the media couldn’t care less.  Not when there’s more pressing issues like Dez Bryant buying a monkey. Seriously, people. This isn’t reality. This is the mainstream media at work. People for the Ethical Treatment of ... Read More »

RNC suspends ties with NBC

I am sure you all watched the GOP presidential debate on Wednesday, and the abhorrent job done by the moderators, who worked for CNBC. It was absolutely incredible how badly the moderators were. And I thought CNN was bad! Anyways, the candidates, as well as most of the people who watched the debate, were disgusted also. But the one that ... Read More »

Muslims declare jihad against Peppa Pig

Muslims are furious that Western culture is undermining their religion, what with their insistence on equality and freedom and all of that. They have managed, however, to focus their anger on one central threat to Islam: Peppa Pig! An unidentified Muslim man posted a video (featured below) to Facebook, expressing his horror that his youngest son told him “Daddy, I ... Read More »

No surprise: 99% of liberal arts college profs contribute to Democrats

Don’t act too surprised, but it turns out nearly every college professor at the top liberal arts colleges are…wait for it…liberal. James Mietus of reports that statistics provided by U.S. News and World Report found that 47 professors from America’s top 50 liberal arts colleges had donated to a presidential candidate. Conservatives may not be very surprised to hear ... Read More »

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: GOP ‘Profiteers’ hijack conservatism

When he was elected in 2010, Adam Kinzinger was one of the new, young Tea Party conservatives that rode the wave of revolution into office. The Air Force veteran who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom was ready to bring that same military determination to Washington and change things. In a recent column for, however, Kinzinger unloads on those who ... Read More »

Thanks For Nothing Donald: Dems use Trump’s 9/11 remarks to bash GOP

There’s a reason Ronald Reagan once said that Republicans should never speak ill of another Republican: it needlessly gives Democrats an opening to attack. Donald Trump, however, doesn’t seem to subscribe to the Reagan philosophy. Trump’s comments blaming President George W. Bush (in part) for the 9/11 attacks has opened the floodgates for Democrats to do the exact same thing, ... Read More »