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Do Planned Parenthood’s baby parts fund the Hillary Clinton campaign?

With news that Planned Parenthood has been running a successful side business selling parts of aborted babies to medical research companies, it should be no surprise that the organization’s leaders are, in turn, giving large sums of money to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. According to a report by Bill McMorris, the amount of money Hillary Clinton has received from ... Read More »

Joseph Laughon’s conservative response to the Donald Trump controversy

The political enigma that is Donald Trump has split the Republican party down the middle, with some seeing his campaign as a shameless and grand self-promotion, while others say his rhetoric is just what the process needs right now. Trump has managed to further widen the divide with his controversial comments on both immigrants and John McCain. Joseph Laughon, in ... Read More »

We finally found Bernie Sanders’ only black supporter

You’ve heard of Bernie Sanders, haven’t you? He is the self-proclaimed socialist and junior senator from Vermont. He’s also running an underdog campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. If you’re a minority and are unfamiliar with Sanders, don’t feel bad, because only white people have ever heard of the guy. Sanders’ lack of minority support for his campaign is ... Read More »

HuffPo Refuses Donald Trump’s Credibility

Donald Trump knows how to make his move. The Huffington Post, a liberal online “blog,” according to Trump, has discontinued running stories about his campaign as a political stories. Instead, the blog has chosen to run them as entertainment pieces. Not many people like the scathing, truthful way of telling it like it is that Trump is so famous for, ... Read More »

Director Peter Berg blasted for criticizing Caitlyn Jenner

Peter Berg, the director of Friday Night Lights and Hancock, got a dose of liberal “tolerance” when he posted a meme on Instagram critical of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage from ESPN’s ESPY Awards. Berg endorsed giving the award to a wounded veteran like Gregory D. Gadson, who lost both legs in the War on Terror and ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood opposes ultrasounds, except to save baby parts to sell

Planned Parenthood has a long history of opposing ultrasounds for expectant mothers considering abortion, but in a recent undercover video, the organization’s top doctor admits to using ultrasounds during abortions in order to preserve the organs of unborn children, in order to sell them to medical research firms afterward. The use of ultrasounds before an abortion is performed has become ... Read More »

May The Faux Outrage Be With You: Dad offended over Star Wars toy

Most people would applaud parents who make the effort to protect their children from the inappropriate content that makes up most of today’s entertainment. However, one Philadelphia father doesn’t seem to know when to pick his battles. Fred Hill was shopping at a Target Store in the Philadelphia area when he came across a toy he considered shocking: a Star ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood official caught on video selling aborted baby parts

What in God’s name has happened to us, people? The level of depravity I’m about to report on is usually reserved for bad horror films, not an organization many liberals herald as a bastion of reproductive freedom. It is beyond disgusting. An undercover investigation by The Center for Medical Progress has exposed a disturbing practice by Planned Parenthood: the illegal ... Read More »

Adryana Boyne: The Donald Trump Statement that Caused a Tsunami: Let’s Clarify What the REAL Issue Is

A tsunami of disastrous consequences have been coming almost daily to Mr. Donald Trump after his inaccurate and divisive remarks in regards to Mexicans during his presidential announcement on June 16th. It did not take long as many media outlets, organizations, celebrities, events, etc. began to disassociate from Donald Trump. He has been given many opportunities to retract and apologize. However, ... Read More »

Woman avoids murder charges over late-term abortion

Kenlissia Jones has managed to escape the punishment of Georgia authorities who arrested her and charged her with murder. Her son, however, couldn’t escape her punishment. He lived for only 30 agonizing minutes in the back seat of a car, after his mother induced the abortion that killed him. According to the Washington Post, Jones bought the prescription abortion pill ... Read More »