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Conservatives strike back against PayPal

With PayPal’s recent announcement that it was canceling plans to open a new global operations center in North Carolina in protest of the state’s new “transgender bathroom” bill, conservatives have responded in earnest. The bill, titled “The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,” prevents transgender people from using a public bathroom that does not correspond to their biological sex. It ... Read More »

Can’t afford Hillary’s speaking fee? Chelsea’s a cheap date!

A new report out today highlights the incredible money-making machine the Clintons created for themselves in recent years. According to a report in the Washington Post this morning by Philip Rucker and Rosalind Helderman, the University of Missouri was hoping to snag Hillary Clinton as a speaker at the grand opening of their Women’s Hall of Fame. However, they found ... Read More »

Obama wants you to cover the for-profit college student loan bailout

You might have heard that Corinthian Colleges, a nationwide for-profit college system that advertised on TV constantly through institutions like Everest College, closed its doors in April after a record fine of $30 million by the Department of Education and legal action from various local authorities over deceptive and fraudulent practices. The shutdown left at least 16,000 students high and ... Read More »

Thanks Chinese child labor! Nike gives Obama $700 Jordans

Our tone-deaf President is at it again. While the economy takes its toll on the average worker, Obama it showing us that he really sympathizes with our pain, by getting his own pair of Air Jordan “MTM” sneakers before anyone else, as a gift from Nike. According to a report by Esquire, President Obama received the shoes, valued at $700, ... Read More »

Marriage: A Luxury Millennials Can’t Afford

  It’s true, many Millennials are choosing to postpone marriage in the current age. Despite what many moralist Baby-Boomers like to say, many of their reasons come not from a change in generational ideals but because of changes in the economy. In fact, many millennial’s put off basic things like home-ownership and having children specifically because of their economic situation. This ... Read More »

The Broken Dream of Home Ownership

  It’s true that you can’t blame the President for the housing crisis, or the recession as a whole. He wasn’t in charge when those things happened. But the promises of President Obama to his youngest voters about fixing the economy are ringing empty 6 years later. Millennials still can’t afford a mortgage and feel miles behind where their Baby ... Read More »

Top 10 Ways Obama Screwed All Of Gen Y!

This is not your parents’ economy. Life is different in a Democrat-controlled economy. The advice that worked for previous generations doesn’t help young Americans today. Go to college and get a good job isn’t an option for us. Instead, our life looks a little more like this. Start with: Crushing Student Loans Student debt has become a non-negotiable part of ... Read More »

Where’s My Louie, Barry?

Where’s My Louie, Barry? By Ellen Malone I live in a basement that has wood paneling from the 70’s and I have my old bed from when I was in junior high.  My diet consists of Diet Coke, Special K bars, and Lean Cuisines.  My parents would love it if I could chip in for my toiletries and food.  Toiletries…seriously?  ... Read More »