Electile Dysfunction

Here’s all of Bill Clinton’s sex scandals in one handy list

Mention Bill Clinton’s sex scandals, and of course, names like Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones come to mind. However, Clinton’s sex scandal resume is – no pun intended – long and surprising. FoxNews.com has listed over 20 different scandals throughout Clinton’s life in one article, and all come with a side of oblivious Hillary Clinton, so we’re told. Instances of ... Read More »

Rand Paul’s ‘Festivus’ Twitter rant targets Trump, federal waste

Rand Paul spent most of Wednesday marking Festivus, the unofficial and unconventional holiday popularized by the classic sitcom “Seinfeld.” In keeping with the tradition of Festivus, Paul tweeted out his “airing of grievances,” many of which took aim at Paul’s favorite target: his fellow Republicans. Paul first took aim at Donald Trump, with a rather hilarious slam aimed at his ... Read More »

EPIC FAIL: Hillary Clinton jumps on the ‘Star Wars’ bandwagon

Once again, Hillary Clinton is trying way too hard to look hip and relevant to the younger voters she thinks will propel her to the White House. Grandma Hill has never been the personable type; there are plenty of anecdotes describing just how difficult and condescending she is with others. Her stump speeches are heavily scripted and given a shrill, ... Read More »

Check out this awesome Star Wars-inspired Marco Rubio video!

Since there’s a new Star Wars movie out, and we’re in the middle of a presidential campaign, it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two. A guy named Andrew Varvel did this pretty nifty little video combining the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and speeches by Marco Rubio. We especially like the Hillary Clinton/Kylo Ren ... Read More »

Donald Trump gets trolled by Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush in same week

Donald Trump hasn’t had a great month. His recent debate performance was only so-so, his comments about censoring the internet weren’t well received, and he’s slipped into second place in Iowa polls behind Ted Cruz. To counter the Cruz surge, he went on the attack and it totally backfired. We have all seen Cruz’s response when Trump called him a ... Read More »

Singer Pitbull counts two GOP Presidential candidates as friends

Grammy-nominated singer Pitbull made headlines recently with his criticism of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant statements, but that doesn’t mean he hates all Republicans. In fact, you might be surprised to learn he is friendly with a couple of GOP Presidential candidates, and calls his friendship with them “priceless.” The Miami-born Pitbull has managed to connect with some notable fellow Floridians, including ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton’s tweet is accidentally obscene, and hilarious (NSFW)

Note: Some may find the following material inappropriate for work or offensive. Hillary Clinton must have the worst political luck ever. She can’t even retweet without raising eyebrows. Artist Ian Padgham noticed something in one of Hillary Clinton’s recent retweets, and tweeted a screenshot of it: This is not Photoshop – this is how Twitter abbreviated the title of an ... Read More »

Hollywood ignores death of conservative actor Fred Thompson

When an actor dies of a drug overdose, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth among Hollywood elites over the tragedy, as they jockey for attention when they express their sorrow. Of course, the deceased is usually a bleeding-heart liberal, but when a conservative actor dies of cancer, no one on the “left coast” seems to care. After Fred ... Read More »