Obama echoes Neville Chamberlain in this chilling video

Sean Hannity has featured a video on his show showing the similarities between President Obama’s statements regarding the Iran nuclear deal and Neville Chamberlain’s Appeasement deal with Germany. Both hoped for peace in their time, but Chamberlain’s naivete cost England dearly, as Hitler and the Nazis started World War II just over a year later. One can only hope America ... Read More »

Does your local United Way donate to Planned Parenthood? Find out here!

2nd Vote, a conservative political activist group, has exposed 68 local chapters of the United Way that donate money to Planned Parenthood. The list, posted below, reveals locations across the country that contributed over $2.8 million in recent years to the nation’s largest abortion provider. Pro-life supporters are calling for citizens in each locale to contact the United Way chapter ... Read More »