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Happy birthday to our last great President: George W. Bush!

At times like these, it is easy to look back and appreciate real courage and leadership. That is why today, we celebrate the 69th birthday of the man whose determination and character led a nation through its darkest hour, and continues to inspire us today. The video below is a reminder of a time, not long ago, when the Oval ... Read More »

Honey Maid: Gay marriage is ‘wholesome’

Even before the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states on June 26, Honey Maid, makers of various graham cracker products, has been a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage. The company, who markets their products largely to families and children, has even featured gay couples and gay marriage as part of their “This Is Wholesome” marketing campaign. ... Read More »

Kim Kardashian: Guns for me, but not for thee

Hyprocrisy, thy name is Kim Kardashian. The scourge on American culture that is the eldest of the Kardashian brood has weighed in on the gun control issue, with a statement so beyond stupid I almost feel bad calling her out on it. Almost. According to a report in the UK Mirror, Kardashian appeared at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on ... Read More »

No Country for Young Girls: Obama deports a 4-year-old U.S. citizen

Remember that ’80s movie Born in East L.A? It starred Cheech Marin (I guess Chong was unavailable to join him) and it was about an American-born Latino who gets deported to Mexico when he is mistaken for an illegal alien. It wasn’t the funniest movie, but it had a funny premise. Amazingly, the plot of that movie actually happened recently ... Read More »

OH MY! George Takei goes racist on Clarence Thomas

George Takei, better known as Star Trek’s Sulu, has long been a gay rights advocate, but in his attempt to criticize the Supreme Court justices who ruled against it, he went flat out nuts, making racial comments about Justice Clarence Thomas. In an interview with Fox 10 in Phoenix, Takei questioned Thomas’ blackness. “He is a clown in black face ... Read More »

Fr. Jonathan Morris spat upon at NY gay pride parade

Someone just loogied themselves into hell. Fr. Jonathan Morris, an ordained Catholic priest and a Fox News analyst on religious and social issues, tweeted Sunday that he was spat upon by two men who were participating in a gay pride parade in New York City. The parade was to celebrate the national legalization of gay marriage by the U.S. Supreme ... Read More »

TheWrap.com mocks Christianity, Justice Scalia over gay marriage decision

Usually, we see fair-weather fans in the sports world, but the legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme Court has got everyone jumping on the rainbow-colored bandwagon, especially entertainment news sites hungry for readers, like TheWrap.com. Rather than cover the decision with class and humility like others are, TheWrap.com is using the opportunity to “stick it” to many on the ... Read More »

Kevin Jackson: Here’s more ‘white’ stuff to ban

Kevin Jackson of TheBlackSphere.net has perfectly pointed out the absurdity of the politically correct outcry after the Charleston church shooting. Playing off the calls to ban the Confederate Flag, Jackson has posted a hilarious list of more “white stuff” for banning consideration because their “whiteness” will likely offend someone. They include: The White Crayon White Paper White T shirts Flour- Especially ... Read More »

Hercules’ Kevin Sorbo: Churches need to ‘wake up’

Hercules has issued a rallying cry – to the Christian Church. Actor Kevin Sorbo, in an interview with the Church Boys podcast, criticized the complacency of today’s church, and challenged pastors to get their congregations involved in the political process. The star of God’s Not Dead talked about the importance of getting out of the pews and into the public ... Read More »