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Celebrity whack job Demi Lovato backs Hillary Clinton

Demi Lovato is backing Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President, adding yet another emotionally broken celebrity to the Clinton’s endorsement list. Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham lead the parade of feminist Hollywood whack-jobs that want to see a Clinton back in the White House, and it seems most of Hillary’s celebrity followers have some emotional issues. More often than the average ... Read More »

Admitted molester, Clinton supporter Lena Dunham blasts Bill Cosby over rape arrest

Actress and media darling Lena Dunham has waded into the cesspool surrounding Bill Cosby, criticizing him on Twitter for his recent arrest for sexual assault. While Cosby certainly deserves to be vilified for what he’s admitted to already, Dunham’s hypocrisy on the issue is difficult to overlook. First, let’s look at what Dunham said: While Dunham’s tweets about Cosby were ... Read More »

Hell-no Kitty: School bans ‘Hello Kitty’ Christmas tree

Liberals have insisted that the “War on Christmas” is a false narrative concocted by conservatives, but a teacher in Maine would argue otherwise. The tide of political correctness against Christmas is now claiming innocent cartoon animals as victims. According to a story by Todd Starnes of Fox News, Catherine Gordon has displayed a Christmas tree in her classroom at Bangor ... Read More »

Watch Sarah Palin’s epic ’30 Rock’ parody response to Tina Fey

You likely heard about actor Tina Fey reprising her impersonation of Sarah Palin on the December 19 episode of Saturday Night Live, and now, the former Alaskan governor has a response for the liberal comedienne (and we use the word “comedienne” loosely). With the help of Independent Journal, Palin teased new episodes of “31 Rock,” a parody of Fey’s “30 ... Read More »

EPIC FAIL: Hillary Clinton jumps on the ‘Star Wars’ bandwagon

Once again, Hillary Clinton is trying way too hard to look hip and relevant to the younger voters she thinks will propel her to the White House. Grandma Hill has never been the personable type; there are plenty of anecdotes describing just how difficult and condescending she is with others. Her stump speeches are heavily scripted and given a shrill, ... Read More »

Check out this awesome Star Wars-inspired Marco Rubio video!

Since there’s a new Star Wars movie out, and we’re in the middle of a presidential campaign, it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two. A guy named Andrew Varvel did this pretty nifty little video combining the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and speeches by Marco Rubio. We especially like the Hillary Clinton/Kylo Ren ... Read More »

Singer Pitbull counts two GOP Presidential candidates as friends

Grammy-nominated singer Pitbull made headlines recently with his criticism of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant statements, but that doesn’t mean he hates all Republicans. In fact, you might be surprised to learn he is friendly with a couple of GOP Presidential candidates, and calls his friendship with them “priceless.” The Miami-born Pitbull has managed to connect with some notable fellow Floridians, including ... Read More »

AFA releases 2015 retailer “Naughty or Nice” list

The American Family Association (AFA) has released their 2015 “Naughty or Nice” list, listing retailers who celebrate a traditional “Christmas,” as well as those who censor “Christmas” and choose secular holiday promotions instead. AFA has been at the forefront of the War on Christmas, and their annual list has influenced many retailers to ensure they say “Merry Christmas” and embrace ... Read More »