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Here’s the REAL reason Ellen Page confronted Ted Cruz

¬† In the movie Juno, actress Ellen Page played a snarky teenager who always had the perfect comeback and could rattle off monologues with perfect precision. However, Page doesn’t have Diablo Cody writing for her anymore, and when she tries to argue with someone now, she comes across as a petulant 12-year-old. When Page tried to ambush Ted Cruz at ... Read More »

‘Deez Nuts’ running third in presidential polls

According to polls released by Public Policy Polling, a guy from Iowa named “Deez Nuts” is running third in a presidential poll of North Carolina voters, behind party front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the candidate is not the guy from a series of popular Vine and YouTube videos. UPI reports that “Deez Nuts” is also polling at 8% ... Read More »

Donald Trump’s modeling agency recruits 14-year-old girls

Most people are unaware that Donald Trump has his own modeling agency. Trump Models, based in New York City, is home to many of fashion’s top faces, and even manages Olivia Culpo, the 2012 Miss USA and Miss Universe. However, the agency’s policy of recruiting models as young as 14 is raising eyebrows among those who feel that particular age ... Read More »

Did comedian Ron White just slam Donald Trump? (VIDEO)

¬†Comedian Ron White, famous as a member of the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour,” was interviewed by TMZ recently, and was asked to weigh in on the recent GOP debates. At first, he declined, but then joked that Kim Kardashian should run for President. He then seemed to take a swipe at Donald Trump, when he seemingly referenced Trump’s recent controversial ... Read More »

C is for Capitalism: HBO saves Sesame Street

Sesame Workshop’s deal with HBO to create new episodes of “Sesame Street” for the cable network was a slap of reality to the pretentious pseudo-intellectuals who make up a chunk of PBS’ supporters. To these cultural elitists, public television is the last vestige of education and entertainment unsullied by capitalism. They despised the advertising, product placement, and ratings-based programming of ... Read More »

Watch the trailer for Michael Bay’s new Benghazi movie!

The heroes of Benghazi will finally get their due. Action film mega-director Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon, The Rock) is bringing 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi to theaters on January 15, 2016. Starring John Krasinski (The Office), James Badge Dale (24, The Departed), and Toby Stephens (Black Sails), 13 Hours tells the story of the terrorist attack on the ... Read More »

‘Lord of the Rings’ actor defends Christianity, slams Islam

Like an army of Orcs and trolls marching out of Mordor, radical Islam and political correctness are wreaking havoc in the world, according to Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies, known to film fans as Gimli the Dwarf from Lord of the Rings and Sallah from the Indiana Jones movies. Addressing the rise of religious persecution, the 71-year-old actor has taken a ... Read More »

Government officials step in after Kim Kardashian did this

We had hoped to keep this site a Kardashian-free zone, and God help us, we’ve tried. However, when Kim Kardashian does something so shallow and stupid that government officials have to step in, we can’t ignore it. Kardashian incurred the wrath of officials at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) when she posted the picture above on her Instagram account, ... Read More »

Blasphemous show ‘Black Jesus’ is back: Here are the advertisers

Adult Swim has brought back their controversial comedy “Black Jesus” in reruns, in preparation for the show’s new season coming this fall. With it, a slew of new advertisers have signed on, unconcerned that they are supporting a show that features a Jesus living in the ‘hood (a.k.a. Compton, California) that drops F-bombs, smokes weed, and steals. The show also ... Read More »