Bomani Jones’ ‘Caucasians’ shirt makes a conservative point

ESPN commentator Bomani Jones sparked controversy (depending on who you ask) Thursday when he wore a t-shirt on the “Mike and Mike” show mocking the Cleveland Indians and their mascot, Chief Wahoo. The shirt featured the word “Caucasians” in the same font and style as the Indians logo, with Chief Wahoo given white skin, blond hair, and a dollar sign ... Read More »

Did Doritos air a pro-life Super Bowl ad? See for yourself!

During tonight’s airing of the Super Bowl, Doritos aired several ads as part of their “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion, including a commercial showing an unborn baby visible through ultrasound who has a hankering for the popular chips. The baby, seen interacting with its father via the ultrasound screen, then “shoots” out of its mother to get a Doritos chip. ... Read More »

PETA goes ape over Dez Bryant’s monkey

The Center for Medical Progress may have just released another undercover video detailing the horrific harvesting of baby heads during abortions by Planned Parenthood, but the media couldn’t care less.  Not when there’s more pressing issues like Dez Bryant buying a monkey. Seriously, people. This isn’t reality. This is the mainstream media at work. People for the Ethical Treatment of ... Read More »

Remember when Donald Trump made wrestling great again?

Ever the showman, Donald Trump has had his hands in many ventures over the years, but not many people may remember his foray into professional wrestling. They should – it was only last year. In a storyline called “Battle of the Billionaires,” WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Trump squared off, having each picked a wrestler to fight for them at ... Read More »

Obama has spent nearly 63 full days playing golf while in office

CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller reported this weekend that President Obama has played 250 rounds of golf while in office. This revelation means that President Obama has spent the equivalent of 62.5 complete days of his presidency on the golf course. Before we break down how we came to that conclusion, here’s Knoller’s tweet, from Saturday: President Obama himself ... Read More »

San Diego Padres go fabulous, host “gay pride” night

UPDATE 9/1: The Padres took it in the rear on “Gay Pride” Night, losing 8-6 to the Texas Rangers. Perhaps the “rainbow” caps are cursed. ORIGINAL STORY: The San Diego Padres will hold “gay pride” night this Tuesday when they play the Texas Rangers. The Padres are the first major league baseball team to hold a gay pride night, and ... Read More »