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Robbers target Washington State Fair’s ‘gun free zone’

Once again, criminals flock to a gun-free zone and wreak havoc on unarmed victims. You’ve likely heard this story before, but only the location has changed. in Seattle reported that after the Washington State Fair declared itself a “gun free zone,” criminals wasted no time preying on fair workers. The fair had only been open three days when a ... Read More »

The Planned Parenthood shooter was not a Republican, a pro-lifer, or even a dude, apparently

Many on the left (including the media) have been quick to label Robert Lewis Dear, the man responsible for the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, as a right-wing nut job sympathetic to the pro-life cause. However, as details emerge, it appears Dear had no right-wing leanings, and his choosing of a Planned Parenthood during his shooting rampage may have ... Read More »

New Planned Parenthood video is the worst one yet (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The Center for Medical Progress released a third video Tuesday morning exposing Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of body parts from aborted babies, and features graphic footage of an aborted baby being “pieced out” in a petri dish. The new video is the first of a new documentary series entitled “Human Capital,” and integrates expert interviews, eyewitness accounts, and real-life undercover interactions ... Read More »

Black teacher attacks handicapped student over his ‘white privilege’

Don’t you hate uppity white kids in their wheelchairs, rolling around and throwing their ‘white privilege’ in black people’s faces? Apparently, Pamela Bullock does. Now, she’s out of a job because of it. According to a report by, Bullock resigned her teaching position at Wayne Local Schools in Warren County, Ohio, after her treatment of some handicapped students was ... Read More »

BuzzFeed editor on Lafayette shooting: Don’t pray, ban guns

BuzzFeed editor Rachel Zarrell couldn’t help herself Thursday evening as news of the theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana unfolded. As people took to Twitter asking for prayer for the victims and their families, Zarrell coldly tweeted “Don’t pray. Push for gun control.” Minutes earlier, as news of the shooting broke, Zarrell tweeted “Let’s just give everyone guns, right? It’s in ... Read More »

CNN pushed for gun control as Lafayette shooting tragedy unfolded

It isn’t enough to just report the news anymore. Within 90 minutes of a shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, CNN on-air contributors were already pushing a gun control agenda, even before all the details of the tragedy were known. Surprisingly, however, the biggest dose of common sense came from a surprising source: Van Jones. Don Lemon was ... Read More »

It gets worse: Planned Parenthood official sells baby parts for a Lamborghini

The Center for Medical Progress has released a second damning undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling parts of aborted babies. This second video, recorded in February of this year, shows a business lunch between undercover investigators and the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America Medical Directors’ Council, Dr. Mary Gatter. In the video, Gatter is shown haggling ... Read More »

Five days later, Obama finally lowers flags to honor Chattanooga victims

Five days after a Muslim extremist murdered five American military members in Chattanooga, Tennessee, President Barack Obama has finally given in and ordered flags at the White House to be flown at half-staff. Obama has ordered the flags to remain at half-staff until the end of the day on July 25. The move comes after Republican lawmakers, presidential candidates, and ... Read More »

Another good guy with a gun kills another bad guy with a gun

A would-be thief thought it would be a great idea to rob customers as they left a Benihana’s restaurant in Dallas. Instead of cash and credit cards, the thief got a bullet and a one-way ticket to the morgue. Welcome to Texas, y’all. According to a report by ABC affiliate WFAA in Dallas, the robber staked out a Benihana’s parking ... Read More »