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Atheists demand Texas town remove ‘Jesus Welcomes You’ sign

A group of Wisconsin atheists wants to dictate to the residents of an east Texas town how to live their lives. Either there’s nothing to do in Wisconsin when there’s no football, or someone got a hold of some bad cheese. The Freedom from Religion Foundation in Wisconsin is threatening legal action against the town of Hawkins, Texas for erecting ... Read More »

Obama politicizes church shooting, pushes gun control

The Border Crisis Is Worse than Obama’s ‘Katrina Moment’

Well, that didn’t take long. While he ignores problems of his own making, President Barack Obama used the South Carolina church shooting to climb aboard the gun control soapbox again, using the tragedy to call for limits on Second Amendment rights, just hours after the shooting took place. The President stated: “We don’t have all the facts, but we do ... Read More »

Watch our totally unauthorized Hillary Clinton campaign ad!

Thanks to a tweet by John Cardillo, I came across a photo of the Clintons from the early 1980’s. After thinking, “My God, how have I lived this long without seeing this,” I thought it would make a great campaign ad for Hillary’s 2016 bid. After all, she’s all about family or something, so why not highlight that? Now, we ... Read More »

Qatar Awareness Campaign – Intro Letter

To the American Public: In light of the wars and violent turbulence that currently engulf the Middle East and parts of Africa, a coalition of concerned citizens, journalists, and activists are launching a campaign to expose a most infamous and pernicious sponsor of Islamic terror: the Gulf state of Qatar. Qatar, (pronounced “cutter,” or “gutter”), is, per capita, the richest ... Read More »

A Win for ISIS in Oklahoma

The American opinion on the situation in Middle East changed almost instantly after the organization calling itself the Islamic State (IS) released their execution video of James Foley. The graphic beheadings continued, with another American, Steven Sotloff, and Frenchmen Herve Gourdel, killed by the Algerian terrorist group Jund al-Khilafah. Then, only a few days ago, IS, formerly called ISIS, openly ... Read More »

Never Forget: Qatar’s Role In The September 11th Attacks

Never Forget: Qatar’s Role in the September 11 Attacks By William Michael   This Thursday marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 al Qaeda terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93.  On that infamous day, 19 hijackers killed 2,996 innocents in a grand declaration of war against the United States, leaving ... Read More »

Taking a Red Pen to Obama’s Quotes

By: Katrina Jorgensen Last week, Obama gave a press conference covering issues ranging from the economy to  national security. Its not necessary to review the entire speech, so PIE has picked 13 highlights of the event. We even added some helpful comments for the President to consider when writing his next address to the American people; its so important to know ... Read More »

Hollywood’s Jihad

Hollywood’s Jihad By William Michael Is it Inquisition time in Hollywood, or is it something else? In the midst of the Hamas siege of Israel, while the IDF was courageously protecting Israeli citizens from rockets hurled by the barbarians in Gaza, some Spanish personalities in supposedly Jewish-run Hollywood caused quite a raucous.  In an open letter, the Latin trio of ... Read More »