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What You Aren’t Supposed To Know About America’s Closest Ally

by William Michael TCS News The Qataris, and their ruling al-Thani family, are slavers, narcotics traffickers, and financiers of international terrorism.  They also happen to be America’s closest ally under Obama. When analyzing the foreign policy interventions of the Obama administration with respect to the Middle East, it is hard to reconcile their respective approaches Libya (2011) and Iraq (2014). ... Read More »

US and Qatar Declare War on Israel

by Randall Stevens TCS News This is part II of a look at Qatar’s support for Hamas, and the American alliance with Qatar. Part I details the long history of criminality and terrorism of the Qatari government, including the collusion in the 9/11/2001 attacks, narcotics and human trafficking. It also explains America’s interest in Qatar economically and militarily. Click here ... Read More »

The Long Arm of Qatar

by Randall Stevens TCS News   Why Israel? Why now? Though few Americans paid any attention at the time, in November of last year, Secretary of State John Kerry announced to the world that this summer would be defined by violence against the Jewish state. Warning Israel to make a deal with the likes of Hamas and Fatah, Palestinian parties ... Read More »

America in Jeopardy: Domestic Politics in the World Arena

by David Casavis TCS News   The news that the rainbow flag was flying at the US Embassy in London was alarming. The first thought anyone familiar with Foreign Service Officers at the US Department of State should be, “was this done on their initiative?” A perennial problem at State has always been that Foreign Service Officers attempt to steer ... Read More »

Why We Shouldn’t Just #ConfirmOurAmbassadors

by Katrina Jorgensen TCS News   Why We Shouldn’t Just #ConfirmOurAmbassadors The hashtag #ConfirmOurAmbassadors became a rallying cry yesterday, after the State Department’s Twitter account posted an infogram detailing the 40 countries without permanent ambassadors. Some of the ambassador nominations simply need congressional approval to move forward. This recent hashtag diplomacy effort by the State Department showed up shortly after ... Read More »

New York Young Republicans Censor Article on Gay Flag Flying At U.S. Embassies

by William Palumbo TCS News Earlier today, I wrote an article that exposed the fact that, unreported in the American media, the U.S. Embassy in London was flying two rainbow, i.e. LGBT(etc.) pride flags.  It was posted on the blog of the New York Young Republican Club.If you’d like to read the article, please visit article, which insinuated that the ... Read More »

What Will You Do After The Fall?

by Randall Stevens TCS News After the Fall In the sixth year of the reign of Obama, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke the 17,000 mark.  When he took office in January 2009, the DJIA was in the low 8,000s.  As there is any time the stock market hits a new high, there is rampant speculation that this newest bubble ... Read More »

The Islamic Caliphate is Back in Business

by Randall Stevens Pakistan and the ISlamic State: ISI, ISIS, and the IS Did you hear?  After a 90 year interlude, the world finally got back its caliphate. As of June 2014, there is once again an Islamic State in the Middle East.  Matter of fact, it was formed by a group now going by “Islamic State,” or simply IS.  ... Read More »

Iraq: Engulfed by Al Qaeda’s Shadow

by Katrina Jorgensen TCS News   In May 2007, more than half of Americans disagreed with the War on Iraq. Barrack Obama knew this during his campaign, and made a decision to end the U.S. engagement, even before entering office. But like most wars, it is the winner that gets the most attention from history. Right now it appears that ... Read More »