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America’s Teacher-Tenure Horror Story

Roger G. Waite TCS News A Hollow Hope in California? We’ve all heard the teacher-tenure horror stories. In New York, grossly incompetent, and sometimes borderline criminal, teachers while away months on the public dime in the “rubber rooms” while the city goes through the cumbersome process of firing them. In Chicago a couple decades ago, a judge, since elected to ... Read More »

What’s the Difference Between Iraq and Libya in 2011?

by Randall Stevens TCS News What’s the difference between Iraq today and Libya in 2011?  Qatar, the tiny Gulf state sponsor of terror, was for intervention in Libya, but is against intervention in Iraq.  In Libya, Obama preemptively ordered NATO airstrikes on the forces of Muammar Gaddafi, allegedly to prevent genocide.   Obama explained this reasoning in a speech on March ... Read More »

Obama Welcomes Barbarians With Open Gates

by Randall Stevens TCS News WARNING: The links to violent images, courtesy of Mexican drug cartels and al Qaeda, are disturbing.  Proceed with caution. This weekend, you could practically hear gasps of horror from your neighbors as chilling pictures and video emerged of mass murders being committed by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).  The jihadi group, which has ... Read More »

Veterans Affairs: How LinkedIn Does it Better

by Katrina Jorgensen TCS News Contributor This private solution to a veterans affairs issue is a timely contrast to the current scandal in the VA medical system; the prized example of a government program. LinkedIn now offers a new service for veterans to help them find employment. The program has only just started its initial pilot, but it could end ... Read More »

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Aryan Brotherhood

by Randall Stevens TCS News The West welcomed political change in the Middle East, the so-called “Arab Spring,” from the outset.  After decades of rule by dictatorship, western leaders, many with the support of their citizens, hoped to usher in a new era of democracy.  However, from Libya to Egypt to Syria, it was soon evident that the same forces ... Read More »

Shutting Down The Culture of Shut Up

Shutting Down the Culture of Shut Up by Casey Breznick How many arguments and disagreements do you have a day? How about in a week or a year? A lot, I would venture to guess, because disagreement with others is part of the human condition. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to just shut up anyone ... Read More »

How Many Snakes Would You Trade For One Rat? ( Part 2 )

by Randall Stevens TCS News Like Jihadi Father, Like Jihadi Son As for his father, Bob Bergdahl, to whom that email was addressed, Bob’s response to his son was “OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE!”  What type of conscience is this? Bob Bergdahl, like his “POW” son is a convert to Islam.  Reporting on, Walid and Theodore Shoebat explain that not only ... Read More »

Would You Trade Ten Snakes For One Rat?

by William Michael TCS News Sr. Foreign Correspondent The Case of Bowe Bergdahl: Would You Trade Ten Snakes for One Rat? Only if the Broker was a Snake Charmer   Executive Summary The article below will prove that the following points to be true.  Because the reality of these events is so outrageous, it is helpful to recount them succinctly, ... Read More »

Sanctions: A Belated Band-Aid For Venezuela

by Katrina Jorgensen TCS News Contributor Despite the microscopic attention on Ukraine from the global media, the violent protests in Venezuela have gone on widely beneath the radar. Even with layers of sanctions on Russia, the Obama administration has opposed similar measures for Venezuela. It has taken more than three months of crisis to provoke a response on the situation, ... Read More »