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Anarchist mob turns on fellow anti-capitalist Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s political rants have been feeding the fervor of left-wing radicals in Britain for years. This weekend, his followers turned on him for not being radical enough. The comedian, left-wing activist, and radical anti-capitalist thought he would find sympathetic ears when he attended an anti-austerity protest in London this past weekend. After all, they were his people: liberals, socialists, ... Read More »

Planned Parenthood behind ‘Girls’ abortion storyline

No surprise here: we have confirmation that Hollywood is carrying the water for Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice movement. ‘Girls’ actress Gillian Jacobs, in an interview with TheWrap.com, confirmed that a storyline this past season involving her character was crafted in consultation with Planned Parenthood officials. In the show, Jacobs’ character, Mimi-Rose Howard, informs her boyfriend (played by Adam Driver) that ... Read More »

Mother’s heartbreaking plea to America’s rebellious kids

No mother should have to lose a child, but that is exactly what Kenisha Martin-Nelson is going through now. And she has a powerful message directed at “rebellious children” who disobey and lie to their parents. Nelson’s daughter, Kaylan Ward, was killed near Interstate 10 in New Orleans, after running away and lying to her family about where she was. She ... Read More »

White professor says children’s books have too many white folks

Watch out parents! Evil honkys are infiltrating children’s books to push a racist, white-bread, evil honky agenda! This is according to Melanie Koss, a honky professor at Northern Illinois University (NIU), which itself is over 60% honky. I’m not sure if it’s a case of self-loathing or white liberal guilt, but Koss has made it her mission to expose the ... Read More »

Obama wants you to cover the for-profit college student loan bailout

You might have heard that Corinthian Colleges, a nationwide for-profit college system that advertised on TV constantly through institutions like Everest College, closed its doors in April after a record fine of $30 million by the Department of Education and legal action from various local authorities over deceptive and fraudulent practices. The shutdown left at least 16,000 students high and ... Read More »

Hands Up, Don’t Teach: Court tosses out exam students can’t pass

A New York court has tossed out an exam used in a classroom, not because the test was faulty, but because minority students couldn’t pass it. Kevin Jackson of TheBlackSphere.net appeared on Fox & Friends Monday to discuss the situation, which is a sad reflection on the state of our education system. If you can’t pass a test, we’ll just ... Read More »

Jerry Seinfeld is sick of liberal PC culture

Jerry Seinfeld is hardly a stalwart of conservative ideals, but he knows liberal BS when he sees it. The iconic comedian recently admitted to ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd that he no longer bothers to do concerts at colleges, because young people have turned into a bunch of politically correct douchebags: “I don’t play colleges but I hear a lot ... Read More »