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11 Ways “IRS Deleted It” is Better Than “Dog Ate My Homework”

By: Katrina Jorgensen We all experience situations where a convenient excuse would make life easier. Too bad, we’re not all as lucky as Lois Lerner who got the perfectly-timed excuse for her congressional hearing: “The IRS deleted my emails.” Useful little way out of an uncomfortable situation. If only we could all use this excuse. In fact, I can think of a ... Read More »

Top 10 Things Almost as Ridiculous as Perry’s Indictment

By: Katrina Jorgensen   The charges against Texas Governor Rick Perry look pretty dumb. Even Democrats seem to think so. It almost takes the cake as the dumbest political moment in the past year. Almost. Here’s a look at the top 10 political moments in the past year almost as ridiculous as Perry’s indictment.   10. The price of rent ... Read More »

North Korea Threatens War Over “The Interview”

North Korea Threatens War Over “The Interview” by Katrina Jorgensen It sounds like a scene right out of Team America: World Police. A pop culture celebrity show lands an interview with Number One Fan: Dear Leader (Part II), Kim Jong-un. Which turns into a super-secret assassination plot to take out the world’s most evil dictator. This is actually the plot ... Read More »

Robin Williams’ wife: He had Parkinson’s disease

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The wife of Robin Williams says was in the stages of Parkinson’s disease and was sober at the time of his apparent suicide. In a statement Thursday, Susan Schneider said that Williams was struggling with depression, anxiety and the early stages of Parkinson’s when he […] Click here to view original web page at hosted.ap.org Read More »

Drunk Chrissy Teigen Still Pitches Better than Obama

Drunk Chrissy Teigen Still Pitches Better than Obama

SI swimsmoke Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers/Angels game this week. Some fun-killers were upset that she admitted to being a little bit buzzed during the endeavor. Chrissy is probably not the first celeb to ever throw out a first pitch a few steps from […] Click here to view original web page at freebeacon.com Read More »

Barack Obama Has Really Pissed Off Maggie Gyllenhaal

US Maggie Gyllenhaal attends the after party for Sundance TV Share Maggie Gyllenhaal, who stars in the new miniseries “The Honorable Woman” on the Sundance Channel, which centers on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has become increasingly disillusioned with Barack Obama. Gyllenhaal, who backed Obama’s presidency in both elections, said in […] Click here to view original web page at dailycaller.com Read More »

As World Burns Obama Parties With Katie Perry

As ISIS consumes large swaths of Iraq-Syria, as the Hamas-Israel War escalates, as thousands of illegal immigrants flood across the southern border, as the economy struggles through the worst economic recovery since World War II… Obama parties with Katy Parry… RT @ZekeJMiller : Spotted at the NW gate of […] Click here to view original web page at www.thegatewaypundit.com Read More »

Bloom throws punch at Bieber after Miranda taunt

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got into a heated altercation at Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain, early Wednesday, sources said. After getting in each other’s faces — Bloom threw a punch at the pop star — the crowd cheered. Sources told Page Six that Bloom took a swing at Bieber […] Click here to view original web page at pagesix.com Read More »