Chicago: Concealed carrying store employee shoots 2 thieves


Chicago’s out-of-control crime rate might make you think criminals and gang members have the run of the city, but every once in a while, justice is served when a concealed carry permit holder shoots a thug in the balls.

According to a report by ABC 7 in Chicago, two men thought they would have easy pickings when they entered a T-Mobile store on the city’s south side, but they weren’t counting on the fact that one of the employees held a concealed carry permit. ABC 7 reported:

Two men entered the store and acted like they were shopping for phones for a few minutes, then pulled out guns.

One employee ran to the back to call for help while the other pulled out his own gun and fired at the two suspects. He hit one of them in the groin and the arm, and the other in the abdomen and the arm.

The men ran from the store with the employee chasing them, on the phone giving a description to police.

The suspects then drove to a nearby hospital where police took them into custody.

Granted, the story didn’t specify that the perp was actually shot directly in the balls, but we’re assuming any bullet in the groin area can be deemed too close for comfort. And you must admire the opinion of the store manager, who insists the outcome would have been much worse for them had his employee not been armed:

“I think concealed carry is a great opportunity for managers, workers, employees to protect themselves in these cases. And our employee did a great job to protect themselves and the other employee,” said Neil Tadros, store manager.

Perhaps Chicago should start a new anti-crime campaign with the slogan: Breaking the Law: Is It Worth Your Balls?


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