CNN pushed for gun control as Lafayette shooting tragedy unfolded

cnnIt isn’t enough to just report the news anymore.

Within 90 minutes of a shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, CNN on-air contributors were already pushing a gun control agenda, even before all the details of the tragedy were known. Surprisingly, however, the biggest dose of common sense came from a surprising source: Van Jones.

Don Lemon was anchoring CNN’s coverage as the tragedy unfolded Thursday night. He had a number of guests appear throughout his show, offering their perspective on the events. That included CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, who went on an extended monologue about the need for gun control, and wondering aloud why more restrictions have not been passed in the wake of previous shootings. She called for stricter universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons.

Van Jones then joined the show, and told Lemon that he believes more gun control will end up being one of President Obama’s biggest failures. He said every time there is a mass shooting, particularly in Sandy Hook, “the President tried to do something…and honor the dead children.”

However, Jones then said something few liberals want to admit. “”Even the best laws will not stop one of these things (mass shootings),” he said.

Source: CNN live telecast

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