College blocks 9/11 ceremony to appease Muslims


The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities appears to be joining the parade of colleges whose students lack maturity and are prone to getting butthurt on a regular basis.

According to a story on by Kelsey Petruzzi, what seemed like a simple attempt to recognize the tragedy of September 11 became a lesson in political correctness gone amuck. Hypeline reports:

The Minnesota Student Association, which serves as the student government at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, has rejected a resolution that called for a moment of recognition on future anniversaries of 9/11.  The resolution was denied on Tuesday, November 10.

The bill was introduced by Theo Menon, student group representative of the MSA for the College Republicans.  It was denied on a vote of 36-32.  The resolution was brought about due to the university’s lack of commemoration for the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  The bill created a moment of recognition across the college’s campus.

Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Minnesota Student Organization, David Algadi, stood at the forefront of the opposition for the resolution, ‘The passing of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus even more unsafe.  Islamophobia and racism fueled through that are alive and well.’

The situation only demonstrates how the children of this younger generation, many of whom have no real recollection of 9/11, have grown up with a twisted sense of both history and the current state of the world. The bubble of college life has caused them to value feelings over reality.

There’s much more to the story of the madness at the University of Minnesota. Click here to visit Hypeline for the full story.

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