College police arm themselves with guns, and a student JUST CAN’T EVEN


A student at Northeastern University in Boston is horrified that her campus police department is arming themselves with semi-automatic rifles for extreme crisis situations. She is so horrified, in fact, that she had to vent in that august publication for the most discerning intellectuals, Teen Vogue. That’s right, grown-ups. TEEN VOGUE. reported on the latest example of sheltered young adults who are afraid of their own shadow. This time, it’s Cassandra Hebert, a senior at Northeastern, who apparently has already forgotten about the Boston bombing, and the subsequent manhunt that shut down sections of the city. It also highlighted the need for police to have something more than standard sidearms to defend themselves.

Campus Reform’s Peter Fricke reports on Hebert’s statements, as well as the response from Northeastern University Police Chief Michael Davis:

“Great, now everyone in Boston knows that our officers are carrying semiautomatic [sic] rifles in their cruisers,” Cassandra Hebert writes in Teen Vogue, challenging the appropriateness of attempting “to mold NUPD officers into a SWAT-level team with these new weapons.”

In the interview, Davis explains that the decision to arm a specially-trained “instant containment team” was intended to help the department respond to, and if possible prevent, a potential active shooter event on or near campus.

(Hebert) also argues that the officers’ training should be primarily focused on “detecting danger before any guns are drawn,” rather than actually using the weapons.

“That is what he is saying the guns are for—preventative action,” she states, disregarding Davis’ assertion that the team is primarily trained to respond to incidents. “Students don’t want a safety team that uses the fear weapons provoke as the primary way to prevent mass shooting, because guns won’t teach them how to identify shooters.”

Hebert also lamented that the university had “elegant glass buildings” that would be ruined by gunfire, as if the campus police were keystone cops randomly firing the guns everywhere. It should be noted that Hebert is a senior graduating in May – she will soon be unleashed on society. Then she’ll be our problem.

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