White cop caught on video throwing black teen to the ground

mckinneyteenA white cop in McKinney, Texas is on suspension after being caught on video slamming a young black girl to the ground while breaking up a crowded pool party. According to TheBlackSphere.net, neighbors called 911 to complain about a large number of black teens congregating at a house for a pool party Friday evening. There was then a report of a fight breaking out. You can imagine what happened next.

At one point, around a dozen officers responded, and one in particular was caught on video aggressively confronting kids for simply milling around the residence. In the video (included below), the officer repeatedly used profanity, and was then seen grabbing a young girl in a swimsuit and throwing her to the ground. It appears the girl might have argued with the officer beforehand, but did not appear to pose a threat. He then draws his gun when other teens approach, because everyone knows how lethal teen girls in bikinis can be. Watch for yourself (language warning):

While the behavior of the students cannot be justified, it should be noted that the other officers on the scene did not escalate the emotional situation by screaming, cursing, and manhandling the students there. Only one officer lost his cool, and regardless of the situation, that is something an officer cannot do. Spoiled kids and an overreacting adult makes for a bad situation, and we can see how it turned out.

You can read more about it by clicking here to visit TheBlackSphere.net.


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