Dad of the Year! Father’s anti-shaming video goes viral

waymangreshamAdmit it – you love those online videos where parents go off on their spoiled and misbehaving children. Toya Graham was anointed “Mother of the Year” when she saw her teenage son rioting on the streets of Baltimore and was caught on camera slapping some sense into him. However, there are other videos, in which parents are seen degrading and shaming their kids for their behavior, that leaves you wondering if part of the problem isn’t with the parents themselves. I have no problem instilling a sense of shame into your kid when he/she plays the fool. I do have a problem when parents who cannot control their own emotions humiliate an obviously troubled kid. Dispensing discipline requires character.

Wayman Gresham has taken those parents to task in a video of his own, pointing out that parents need to take more responsibility in raising their children. The video itself has gone viral, with nearly 15 million views within the first four days alone. Watch the video here:

Amen, Mr. Gresham. Amen!

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