Dallas Police: No problems with open carry so far


The state of Texas finally legalized open carry of handguns on January 1, and contrary to predictions from the liberal left that Texas would be set ablaze in gunfire, things have been relatively quiet. In fact, police in the city of Dallas had yet to encounter any problems with the practice in the first week of 2016.

According to a report by NBC affiliate KXAS, Dallas police had registered no 911 calls from people freaking out over seeing handguns being openly carried. According to the report, not only have there been no problems, most prefer concealed carry:

Dallas police say there’s been no arrests or confrontations concerning the new law.

That doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. At the Texas Handgun Academy in North Dallas, instructors said their class sizes have doubled in recent months, from about 30 students on a weekend class to 60.

But instructors said most people still prefer to carry concealed, and for good reason.

“I don’t think we’ll see a lot of openly carried firearms simply because when you have a gun on your hip you’re giving away your tactical advantage. Everybody knows you’ve got a gun. The idea here is protection,” said instructor and firearms expert Blake Beidleman.

“A concealed firearm accessible to you allows you to do that without advertising, ‘Hey, look at me. I’ve got a gun, focus on me, bad guys,'” he said.

States that support open carry generally see no increase in gun violence as a result, proving that the difference isn’t the gun, it’s the person carrying it.

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