Dang, Girl! Ann Coulter mocks Rubio’s dead father


There are many in the conservative movement who feel Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome, after she has made some distinctly anti-conservative statements for mere publicity. Her latest stunt, however, sets a new low even for her.

Over the weekend, Coulter was doing some grandstanding on Twitter over Donald Trump’s recent South Carolina primary win. Coulter has long voiced support for Trump, pointing directly to his anti-immigrant stance as the reason why. While celebrating Trump’s win, however, she took a swipe at Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s late father, a Cuban immigrant who used to tend bar to support his family:


Coulter’s not stupid: she knows that this is more than a dig at Rubio. It projects the same ridiculous class warfare stereotypes that Republicans have tried to disprove for years: the rich white lady who thinks a hard-working immigrant is beneath her social class. Even worse, she’s sticking it to Rubio’s father, who isn’t around to defend himself. Rubio himself is fair game, but mocking his father as someone whose only worth is to make her a drink is demeaning. Coulter knows it’s controversial, but she justifies it in her mind.

Recently, Coulter angered many conservatives when she went “birther” on Sen. Ted Cruz, as well as her tweet referring to “f*****g Jews.” This newest episode likely won’t help her standing with them.

The response, even from conservatives, was heated, with most condemning the tweet as beyond stupid. “What kind of human makes fun of one’s deceased Dad,” Twitter user @justmejen70 said. Others called the tweet classless, while others called her a Trump sellout.

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