Did Doritos air a pro-life Super Bowl ad? See for yourself!


During tonight’s airing of the Super Bowl, Doritos aired several ads as part of their “Crash the Super Bowl” promotion, including a commercial showing an unborn baby visible through ultrasound who has a hankering for the popular chips. The baby, seen interacting with its father via the ultrasound screen, then “shoots” out of its mother to get a Doritos chip. Check out the Doritos Super Bowl ad in question here:

The commercial didn’t sit well with some pro-abortion groups, who didn’t like the fact that the commercial used the “antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.” Abortion advocates NARAL tweeted out that sentiment during the game:


Not only did the commercial “humanize” unborn lives, it featured two things pro-abortion advocates hate: a “straight” couple with both a mother and father, and the use of ultrasound. Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates have opposed laws requiring expectant mothers receive and view an ultrasound before an abortion, for obvious reasons. Perhaps most offensive to the anti-life crowd, a late-term unborn child is seen as viable, which Hillary Clinton likely will not appreciate, as she supports abortion in every trimester, up to the point of birth.

It should be noted that Doritos sparked controversy last year after releasing “Gay Doritos,” rainbow colored chips created to mark Gay Pride Month. They may not have deliberately meant to release a commercial that celebrated unborn lives, but the idea didn’t escape the pro-abortion crowd.

NARAL later tweeted, without the slightest bit of irony, their support for a commercial that recognized babies born nine months after the big game (known as “Super Bowl Babies”), as a result of celebrating parents in the winning team’s city.

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