Does Donald Trump have fake Latinos tweeting for him?


Donald Trump has long maintained that Latinos just love him. He uses anecdotal polls to support this, but evidence has emerged that he may be employing more devious methods to make it appear as if he’s “Vato Donald” to the Latino community. reports on what Twitter user Niraj Warikoo discovered after the Houston GOP debate:

Right after midnight, a number of Twitter accounts associated with traditionally Latino names sent an identical tweet within minutes of each other. It read: “Trump won around 40% of the latino vote in Nevada, but that accounts for about 1,300 votes. Still more than the two hispanics on the ballot.”

Twitter user Niraj Warikoo— Twitter handle @nwarikoo—surfaced the interesting anomaly on the platform along with screenshots of the tweets:


Trump’s campaign denied any involvement with the tweets, but it seems a coordinated effort to boost Trump after a disastrous debate was at play. In addition, after the Twitter accounts were exposed as possible fakes, several were shut down, and still others sent out an identical tweet at the same time on Friday, stating “F*** what other people think.”

Warikoo pointed out that the copied tweet is identical to one sent out by a Univision journalist. That would be ironic, if in fact a Trump operative is using a quote from a news organization of which Trump has said he doesn’t believe “anything they say.”

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