Donald Trump retweets Megyn Kelly “bimbo” comment

donaldtrump2Donald Trump unleashed hell on Twitter after his performance in the first Republican Presidential Debate. The main target of his wrath of debate moderator Megyn Kelly of Fox News, who repeatedly challenged the businessman over his past controversial comments and political stances. His most controversial slam, however, came when he passively-aggressively retweeted someone’s comment that Megyn Kelly was a “bimbo.”

Trump did not perform well during the debate, and was heavily booed several times, most notably at the beginning of the debate, when he refused to pledge to support the Republican nominee regardless of who it is, or not to run a third-party candidacy if he was not the nominee. Kelly’s questioning of Trump was tough, and at one point, Trump made his displeasure with her clear. Kelly later said she expected to get an angry tweet from Trump.

She didn’t have to wait long.

Shortly after the debate ended, Trump tweeted dozens of times, making direct statements and retweeting comments posted by others. Trump tweeted of Kelly “She is totally overrated and angry. She really bombed tonite.” Trump then retweeted @timjcam, who called Kelly a bimbo:


Trump also took aim at pollster Frank Luntz, calling him a “low class slob.” Luntz hosted a focus group on Fox News after the debate that was heavily critical of Trump.

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  • Angelite49

    This guy has no idea how big a jerk he is. NON-presidential material!

  • sledge77

    Kelly ambushes Trump and she got what she deserved. Anyone too blind to see that is a moron.

  • Forthepeople

    why is he even concerning himself with such childish things?

  • Chuck Yeager

    I’m not a Trump supporter but I fail to see how he did bad. Seems to me he charged up his fan base even more.

  • Mike

    Donald Trump is doing this to massage his gigantic ego. “The Donald” is nothing but a thin-skinned, attention- seeking, self-aggrandizing media whore. “I’m great! He’s stupid! She’s stupid! They’re stupid!” Playground BS…

  • Kurt Eskildsen

    Does he think his past behavior id off limits? He needs to check his ego if he plans to win this contest. Is he going to have hissy fits if he doesn’t get his way if he is elected? Will he try to bully America into accepting his ideas if he runs into resistance from “We The People’? We’re trying to get rid of one ego maniac now. We don’t need to trade him in for another.

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  • Kevin Lynch

    Trump was not presidential or articulate and came across as a street brawler and not a candidate. He has the potential and should be thanking Megyn Kelly for finding his weak points and srart working on them instead of name calling, threatening and insulting. This debate is nothing compared to what he might face if he gets the nomination. He has only opened the door and if he doesn’t fix his short comings, he will be fighting his way till the public gets tired of him, his arrigance and ego.

  • CommonSense

    If Trump can’t take reporters asking questions, how the h* ll does he expect us to provide him with the keys to our Nuclear Arsenal?

    If Putin, or Ayatollah Khamenei, or Kim Jong Il p* sses him off with a tweet, will he ‘lose it’ like he has in his late night rants and send our men and women off to war because he can’t be questioned, he can’t be challenged?

    If Congress ‘disobeys’ him, will he shut down the interstate highway system in retaliation? Will he attempt to declare Martial law until all men bow down to him?

    This man is not a leader. He has no clue that the President has a greater role than spouting off in 140 characters or less while staring at his own image in a mirror.

    His narcissistic ‘my way or the highway’ attitude is more volatile than Obama’s.

    His theory that he can buy the Presidency like he buys real estate, lapdogs and Clinton’s is frightening.

    Trump does not have the mental capacity to understand that the Office of President is not a dictatorship. He has no concept of being an ‘employee’.

    His refusal to admit that if he does not receive the Republican nomination he will respectfully bow out, not run as an Independent, proves that he is in this race to gain another trophy to add to his ‘I Love Me Wall’.

    His outright refusal to recognize that he is NOT the most qualified candidate, along with his obvious desire to split the Conservative vote could very well mean the difference between a highly qualified representative becoming the next leader of the free world – or another Democratic Crook moving in to the White House.

    He does not give a rat’s butt about this country. He has no clue how to participate in international affairs in which the lives of billions of people can be at stake.

    He has no plan for anything other than to build a fence. I can build a fence and I would not make a good President.

    If Trump had an ounce of sense, or any minute concern for this country as a whole, he would walk away.

    Republican’s, Conservatives, Independents and Democrats must go all out to get this man out of this race. He has the potential – and apparently the desire – to hurt the world more than any other human being on earth has done since Stalin.

    Trump is a time bomb waiting to explode. Oh… Wait…. He has been doing that ever since he got asked a question by a woman…..

    Trump is a Dangerous, Narcissistic Napoleonic Wooss. Holy Crap People Wake Up!