EPIC FAIL: Hillary Clinton jumps on the ‘Star Wars’ bandwagon


Once again, Hillary Clinton is trying way too hard to look hip and relevant to the younger voters she thinks will propel her to the White House.

Grandma Hill has never been the personable type; there are plenty of anecdotes describing just how difficult and condescending she is with others. Her stump speeches are heavily scripted and given a shrill, harpy-like delivery. They are painfully devoid of authenticity and have none of the warmth and likability her husband was able to generate when he spoke.

You get the feeling that everything she says is passed through focus groups and political analysts to earn maximum return. Which brings us to Hillary’s recent focus on Star Wars.

Someone on Hillary’s staff must have thought making Star Wars references would give her a pop culture edge over Bernie Sanders and make voters forget she’s as old as dirt, because she dropped a rather odd shout-out to geeks everywhere when she suddenly said “May the Force be with you” during the Democratic presidential debate on Saturday night. The appeal probably had little effect on Star Wars fans, because none of them were likely watching the debate, but instead were out watching the new film that just opened in theaters.

Even so, the media lapped it up. Malcolm Venable of TVGuide.com, in a lovingly favorable review of her performance, called her mentioning of the iconic catchphrase “a transparent play for the youth vote that we frankly loved anyway.” Seriously: he actually said that.

Clinton’s Twitter account also picked up the Star Wars theme, sending out a series of tweets referring to the GOP as the “Dark Side,” and even sending out this tweet, which featured an R2-D2 gif because, hey, it’s Star Wars:

Now, I don’t believe for one minute that Hillary is a Star Wars fan. Instead, her hobbies likely include deleting emails and keeping track of who Bill is texting. But not Star Wars. I just don’t see her sitting on a couch to watch the trilogy. Ever.

It does make sense to make pop culture references in an attempt to appear “more connected” with young people who are already flocking to the prehistoric Bernie Sanders. One just has to wonder if Hillary Clinton has the authenticity to pull it off.

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